The CoinLoan Fixed Account works similarly to a bank savings account. You create an account and choose the desired time period to lock your assets. When the period is over, your deposit amount together with your earnings are automatically credited to your Wallet.

Note: The withdrawal option for Fixed Account is unavailable. You can only wait for the end of the holding period to receive your assets and earned interest.

Available assets

Here is the complete list of assets available for earning interest with our Fixed Account:


Stablecoins: USDT, USDC, PAX (USDP), TUSD, BUSD, DAI, cEUR and cGBP*

*When you use EUR or GBP in your Fixed Account, we operate with cEUR and cGBP internal tokens, respectively.

You can create up to 50 Fixed Accounts for each asset.

Interest rates

Please see our article with the current rates.

Minimum deposit amount

We have a minimum deposit amount for each asset. Please see the list of all minimum deposit amounts in our article.

Minimum and maximum holding periods

The minimum holding period for a Fixed Account in any asset is one month, and the maximum period is one year.

The holding period cannot be extended either automatically or manually. If you want to continue holding, you should create a new Fixed Account with the desired conditions.

How much interest I will get

If you create a Fixed Account, there’s a fixed sum you will get at the end of your holding period. To check the amount, do the following:

  1. Go to the Interest Account menu.

  2. Select the Fixed tab.

  3. Choose the desired account.

  4. Click the Details button.

  5. You will see the interest you will get at the end of the fixed period.

Account Details – Web platform


You can see the list of all transactions (deposits and withdrawals) on your Fixed Accounts in the Transactions tab of your Wallet.

Web platform

  1. Navigate to Wallet.

  2. Choose the Transactions tab.

Transactions tab – Web platform

Mobile app

Press the three dots icon in the Wallet menu and choose Wallet History.

Three dots icon in Wallet menu – Mobile app

Wallet History option – Mobile app

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