When you deposit EUR or GBP to your Interest Account (both Fixed and Flexible), the funds are automatically converted into cEUR or cGBP, respectively. cGBP and cEUR are our internal (off-chain) stablecoins used to pay you interest.

Note: Our cEUR stablecoins are not related to CEUR (Celo Euro) or any other tokens with similar names you may stumble upon. cEUR and cGBP are stablecoins for internal use only.

Do I receive my funds back as fiat or stablecoins?

When you make a withdrawal from your Flexible Account or your Fixed Account holding term is over, your cEUR and cGBP are converted back into fiat and credited to your Wallet.

Will I get my fiat funds at a 1-to-1 conversion rate?

Yes, we guarantee that you will receive your EUR and GBP at a 1-to-1 ratio when converting cEUR and cGBP.

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