How to deposit crypto

To deposit crypto into CoinLoan, send your asset to the address on the platform.

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To start depositing funds on CoinLoan, you have to complete the following steps:

  • KYC Verification. You need to be verified to deposit funds. Please read our KYC Verification Guide for more details and make sure to complete the KYC to access the transferring option.

  • Two-factor authentication. 2FA is an extra security level you add to your Wallet. You can turn the 2FA option on by following the link (it works on any device). Please refer to our article about setting up 2FA for more details.

Note: You cannot use the CoinLoan Wallet if you have not completed one of these steps. Verify yourself, enable the 2FA option, and start depositing to the platform.

How to deposit crypto

Web platform

  1. Log in to your CoinLoan account or sign up.

  2. Go to Wallet or click here.

  3. Choose the desired cryptoasset.

Choosing cryptoasset – Web platform

⠀⠀4. Click the Deposit button below the cryptoasset.

⠀⠀5. You’ll see the address to send your crypto to.

Depositing crypto to CoinLoan – Web platform

⠀⠀5. Transfer funds to your CoinLoan Wallet.

Mobile app

  1. Open the CoinLoan mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

  2. Go to the Wallet module.

  3. Choose the desired cryptoasset.

  4. Press the Deposit button after going to the asset module.

Deposit button – Mobile app

⠀⠀5. You’ll see the address to send your crypto to.

Deposit form – Mobile app

⠀⠀6. Transfer funds to your CoinLoan Wallet.

Important notes:

  • To deposit XRP, you need to specify Destination Tag. Refer to our article to know more.

  • To deposit XLM and EOS, don’t forget to include Memo. More info here.

  • To deposit USDC, BUSD, or USDT, choose between ETH and BSC networks. Read more in our article about the network selection feature.

  • To deposit BTC or LTC, you need to select the correct address type: Bech32 or Legacy. Check our article for more info.

Which blockchains do we support?

CoinLoan supports only native blockchains for depositing and withdrawing crypto assets:

  • The Bitcoin blockchain for BTC (the Bech32and Legacy address types);

  • The Cardano blockchain for ADA;

  • The XRP blockchain for XRP;

  • The Litecoin blockchain for LTC (the Bech32 and Legacy address types);

  • The Bitcoin Cash blockchain for BCH;

  • The Monero blockchain for XRM;

  • The Stellar blockchain for XLM;

  • The Polkadot blockchain for DOT;

  • The BSC blockchain for BNB, USDC, BUSD, and USDT;

  • The Ethereum blockchain available on our platform for most crypto assets.

Available assets

Here’s the list of the assets you can deposit to CoinLoan:


  • Stablecoins: PAX (USDP), PAXG, USDT, TUSD, USDC, BUSD, and DAI.

Deposits fees

CoinLoan takes over deposit fees. However, when you deposit crypto assets to CoinLoan from other wallets, you might be charged the fees of these platforms. Please learn about the policies of other platforms beforehand.

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