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What is CoinLoan Wallet and how to use it
What is CoinLoan Wallet and how to use it

Our Wallet is a secure and convenient way to store your funds.

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Wallet is one of our products you can enjoy as a platform user. In this article, we will focus on the CoinLoan Wallet benefits and features.

What you can do with your CoinLoan Wallet

  • Easily transfer crypto between your wallets. We support many blockchains to deposit or withdraw assets. See the complete list here.

  • Make fiat deposits and withdrawals. On our platform, you can use SWIFT to deposit and withdraw EUR and GBP, and SEPA to deposit and withdraw EUR.

  • Deposits to Wallet are free of charge. Deposit funds to securely store them in Wallet, start earning interest, borrow, or exchange.

  • Withdrawals via all blockchains, except for Ethereum, are free. You have one free monthly withdrawal for ETH and ERC-20 tokens transferred via the Ethereum blockchain. However, you can transfer certain ERC-20 tokens via the BSC network for free. Check our article about BSC for more details.

  • Buy, sell, or swap crypto on our Crypto Exchange. Deposit the desired amount of funds to your Wallet and make an exchange right away.

  • Earn up to 6.2% APY with our Flexible Account. Use one of the available crypto or stablecoins deposit methods to start earning interest.

  • Borrow crypto or fiat by getting a loan. Provide crypto or fiat collateral and get a loan that will be automatically approved in less than a minute.


In the Assets section, you can see all the assets available on the platform. You can use the table view or the list view by pressing the corresponding button.

Table and list view buttons — Web platform

To deposit or withdraw certain assets, you should press the Deposit or Withdraw button under the asset icon.

Deposit and Withdraw buttons — Web platform

In the Assets section, you can also see your Wallet’s total balance. It reflects the approximate total value of the Wallet balances, Fixed and Flexible Accounts, and collateral of active Loans. You can hide it using the eye icon – all asset balances will also be hidden.

Total Balance — Web platform

Your total balance and balance of each asset are shown in your default currency. You can change it by going to Settings and choosing between USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, and ETH.

Search by the asset

It’s easier to find the desired asset as you don’t need to scroll down the page. Just type the first letters of your asset name.

Wallet search — Web platform


In the Transactions section, you see our platform’s internal transactions: Loan repayments, Fixed and Flexible Account deposits & withdrawals, daily accruals, and so on.

Transactions section in Wallet — Web platform

You can use filters to see certain transactions and sort them by currency, payment type, and date.


In the Transfers section, you see your outbound transfers: deposits and withdrawals you make using your Wallet.

Transfers section in Wallet — Web platform

You can use filters to sort transfers by currency, payment type, payment status, and creation date.

If you need a transaction ID of your transfer, click the View details button.

Transaction ID — Web platform

Address Book

You can store your frequently used crypto addresses in your Wallet. It prevents you from checking the address whenever you want to deposit or withdraw funds. Just check it once and safely store the address in your Wallet with a recognizable label.

Please refer to our article about the feature for more details.


For better protection of your assets, you can enable the Whitelisting feature. This way, you can withdraw funds only to addresses saved in your Address Book. All the new addresses will be added after the waiting period (from 24 hours to 7 days) is over. Refer to our article about the feature for more details.

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