What is Address Book

The Address Book is a CoinLoan Wallet feature that you can use as your list of crypto addresses that you use most. Manual errors that happen while you enter a crypto address to withdraw your assets are not unusual, not to mention viruses that can replace the address you copy and paste with the one owned by scammers.

Address Book is a simple way to store your frequently used and trusted addresses with no need to check the address you send funds to every time — it’s enough to check it once before adding to the Address Book.

How to use Address Book on the web platform

⠀⠀1. Go to the Wallet tab and choose the Address Book option in the upper menu, or follow the link.

Address Book option — Web platform

⠀⠀2. Click the Add Address button. You will see a form to fill in.

Address Book button — Web platform

⠀⠀3. Enter the label to easily find the address, choose a currency, and enter the address.

Note: Double-check the address in order not to store the wrong one.

Add Address form — Web platform

⠀⠀4. Press Continue. All done! Now your address is added to the Address Book.

⠀⠀5. You can also add the address via the Withdrawal form while sending assets to the address you’d like to save in your Address Book. To do that, click the arrow in the Recipient Address form and press the Add Address button.

Add Address option in the Withdrawal form — Web platform

⠀⠀6. The currency will be chosen automatically. Enter the label and the address, then press Continue.

Adding Address via Withdrawal form — Web platform

⠀⠀7. Enter the 2FA code generated by your app. All done!

Note: You should include the Stellar Memo when adding the XLM address and the Ripple Destination Tag when adding the XRP address.

How to use Address Book in the mobile app

  1. Open the app on your Android or iOS device.

  2. Tap the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.

Wallet — Mobile app

⠀⠀3. Choose the Address Book option.

Address Book feature — Mobile app

⠀⠀4. Press the plus icon at the top right of the screen or the Add Address button.

Adding addresses to Address Book — Mobile app

⠀⠀5. Select an asset and enter a label and a recipient’s address in the Add Address form. Click Save.

Adding address to Address Book — Mobile app

⠀⠀6. Enter a 2FA code from your authentication app to confirm the action.

Confirming address — Mobile app

⠀⠀7. All done! The address is added to your Address Book.

Note: Don’t forget to specify Destination Tag when you add a Ripple (XRP) address and Memo when you add a Stellar Lumens (XLM) address.

Adding XLM address — Mobile app

⠀⠀8. Withdrawing funds to the address you’ve already saved in your Address Book is quick and easy. Choose an asset and click the Withdraw button.

⠀⠀9. Tap the Address Book icon in the Withdrawal form.

Using Address Book feature via Withdrawal form — Mobile app

⠀⠀10. Select the desired address.

Selecting address from Address Book — Mobile app

⠀⠀11. Once you choose it, the address is automatically added to the Address field.

Withdrawal form — Mobile app

Note: You can still manually enter the recipient’s address. Nevertheless, our Address Book feature is just a way to do it easier and more quickly.

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