How to close my account

This option is available in the mobile app only. Install the app and follow our instructions described below.

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Requirements for closing the CoinLoan account

  1. You must have our app installed on your Android or iOS device, as the closing account option is available in the mobile application only.

  2. You must have zero balance for each asset available on the platform:

  • If there are any transactions in the Pending status on your Flexible Account, wait until the first day of the next month until the status is changed to Completed, and withdraw all the funds.

  • If your total balance on the platform is less than the minimum withdrawal amount, deposit funds to meet the minimum required balance and withdraw your assets.

Note: You can close your CoinLoan account only if all the conditions mentioned above are met. Complete these steps first.

How to close a CoinLoan account

⠀⠀1. Open the CoinLoan mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

⠀⠀2. Go to the Settings module

⠀⠀3. Scroll down to the Delete Account button and press it.

Delete Account button in Settings — Mobile app

⠀⠀4. In a new window, tap the Delete Account button.

Delete Account — Mobile app

⠀⠀5. If the requirements are met, you will see that your account deletion is approved. All done!

Account deletion approved — Mobile app

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