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What documents are required for corporate onboarding?
What documents are required for corporate onboarding?

You need a corporate formation document, a corporate charter document, and a proof of business operating address.

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To sign up for a corporate account on CoinLoan, please upload the following documents:

  • Corporate formation document: your entity’s valid certificate of incorporation or certificate of good standing or national (state) government registry filling. The document must contain your entity’s valid general and personnel information: active directors and shareholders, beneficiary, and registered office information. The document must not be older than three months.

  • Corporate charter document: articles of incorporation or memorandum of association or by-laws or charter.

  • Proof of business operating address: a bank statement, tax assessment, registered lease or rent document, utility or insurance bill.

Important notes

  • If a corporation applying for opening an account is owned or controlled by another corporation (and for each additional corporate layer), CoinLoan may ask for further documentation to fully understand the ultimate control and beneficial ownership.

  • Some documents from the list mentioned above could be unavailable. In this case, the required information may be provided in other documents than those listed above. Every situation is treated by the CoinLoan compliance team individually.

Please refer to our article about corporate onboarding for all the info you need to provide to CoinLoan.

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