Withdrawal statuses

Withdrawals on the platform have different statuses that show which stage of processing they are currently in.

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You can use withdrawal statuses to find out if your crypto or fiat transfer is completed or not.

Where to find the status of your withdrawal

Web platform

⠀⠀1. You need to go to your Wallet and navigate to the Transfers section in the upper menu or follow the link.

Transfers section in Wallet — Web platform

⠀⠀2. If you have made a lot of transactions recently, use the filter: select the Withdrawal option in the Payment Status drop-down menu.

Payment status — Web platform

⠀⠀3. Find the desired withdrawal and check its status in the corresponding column.

Withdrawal statuses — Web platform

Mobile app

⠀⠀1. Open the app on your Android or iOS device.

⠀⠀2. Tap the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.

Wallet — Mobile app

⠀⠀3. Choose the Wallet History option.

Wallet History option — Mobile app

⠀⠀4. Go to the Transfers section and check the status of the desired withdrawal.

Withdrawal statuses in Transfers — Mobile app

Meaning of each withdrawal status

Here is the list of all withdrawal statuses you can see on the platform.

Withdrawal status



Withdrawal is confirmed by an email and a 2FA code.


Withdrawal is being processed by the system.

Note: Crypto withdrawals usually take up to 24 hours to proceed. Fiat withdrawals may take up to 24 hours to be sent and three business days to arrive in your bank account.


For crypto withdrawals:

  • Transfer is in the process of being confirmed on a blockchain — you can see its transaction ID.

  • Transfer is confirmed on a blockchain.

  • Withdrawal is completed.

For fiat withdrawals: your transfer is successfully sent to the bank.


Error occurred. Withdrawal has not been processed.

Note: Find your withdrawal’s payment ID and provide it to our support team to find out why it has failed.


Withdrawal request is canceled, and your funds are being returned to the main Wallet balance.

Note: Find your withdrawal’s payment ID and provide it to our support team to find out why it has been canceled.

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