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How to protect your data
How to protect your data

Your funds are completely safe with us, but here are a few security tips from our team that can keep your account even more secure.

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CoinLoan provides the highest level of security for its clients and their assets. But there are some key things that CoinLoaners can do themselves to protect their data even better. We strongly recommend using each of them.

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

The two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the additional security tools CoinLoan uses to protect your funds. We use 2FA to confirm crucial account actions: password reset, funds withdrawal, and login attempts.

You need to use 2FA to add an extra security level to your account. This way, it’s much harder for hackers to pretend to be you and access your account.

Use a secure email service

We use the email you provided as a part of your contact information to send you important notifications regarding your funds, confirmation codes, and so on. For example, if you want to withdraw funds, you must provide a confirmation code sent to you by email to complete the transaction. Thus, it’s crucial that you use a reliable service to make sure only you can access the emails we send you.

We recommend using services like Google and ProtonMail.

Keep your devices up-to-date

Don’t forget to download and apply updates your OS is notifying you about. It’s important in terms of the security and safety of your data. Keeping your device updated means you get new features and get rid of irrelevant ones, which may include security holes.

If you tend to log in to your CoinLoan account from a laptop or PC, use reliable antivirus software to prevent any attempts to harm your device’s security.

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