Why I am logged out of my account?

Read how to stay logged in to your account.

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On your mobile device, you will usually be logged in after biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID).

On your laptop or PC, youโ€™re required to enter your login, password, and a 2FA code. If CoinLoan keeps signing you out from the web platform, here are some tips to try:

  • Allow automatic sign-in. After logging in, check the Remember Me check box. Your current session info will be saved.

Stay signed in option โ€” Web platform

  • Log in from the same IP. For security reasons, our web platform logs you out automatically if you change your IP addresses or browser versions. That may happen due to the VPN servers switch or network change. Some plugins may affect the logging-out process as well, so check the ones you use.

  • Use our app. If you log in via our app, changing the IP won't affect your logging-in process.

In addition, on the web platform, you can choose different log-out timings:

  • Default timing โ€” 5 minutes of inactivity. Just click the Remember Me check box to choose this option, and you will have to refresh the page every 5 minutes.

  • Remember Me timing โ€” 2 weeks of inactivity. You stay logged in for 2 weeks.

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