How to change my email address

Go to Account Settings on the web platform and confirm the action with a 2FA code.

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To change your email address, do the following:

⠀⠀1. Log in to your CoinLoan account.

⠀⠀2. Go to the menu at the top left and choose Settings.

Settings option – Web platform

⠀⠀3. The email change option will come first in the General section. Press the Change email button and enter your new email. You need to confirm the action via a 2FA app.

Change email button — Web platform

Note: For security reasons, you won’t be able to withdraw funds for 24 hours from the email change. You can change your email no more than twice a day.

Change email form — Web platform

⠀⠀4. Enter the 2FA code from your authentication app. All done!

Note: Currently, the feature is available on the web platform only. It will arrive in the mobile app with subsequent updates.

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