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CoinLoan Exchange guide
CoinLoan Exchange guide

Detailed instructions on how to buy and sell crypto on our platform.

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Here’s the guide on how to use the our Exchange.

⠀⠀1. If you have a CoinLoan account, log in. If you don't, sign up and complete KYC verification. Here is our verification guide.

⠀⠀2. Deposit funds to Exchange.

Note: You need to deposit funds to your Wallet to exchange assets. You can deposit both crypto and fiat to make an exchange.

Select the Wallet tab, find the desired currency, and click the Deposit button.

Deposit to your Wallet — Web platform

Deposit to your Wallet — Mobile app

Please see our guides on depositing fiat and crypto for more info.

⠀⠀3. Exchange assets.

Go to the Exchange section on the left sidebar. You can currently trade fiat currencies (EUR and GBP) in a pair with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Please follow the link to see the complete list of all currencies available on Exchange.

Choose the desired currencies and enter the amount in either You Pay or You Get fields. After entering the sum in one field, the other one automatically shows the actual rate. The rate changes every 30 seconds. The sum you see is the sum that will be deducted from the wallet. Press the Exchange button and then confirm the exchange.

Exchanging assets — Web platform

Exchanging assets — Mobile app

⠀⠀4. Confirm the transaction by pressing an appropriate button.

Exchange confirmation — Web platform

Exchange confirmation — Mobile app

⠀⠀5. Well done!

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