CLT Staking for Fixed Account

Get up to a +1% bonus reward on your Fixed rates by staking CoinLoan Token (CLT).

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What is CLT?

It’s our native utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. To know more about CLT, please refer to our article.

How does CLT Staking work on Fixed Accounts?

When creating a Fixed Account, you can turn on the staking option and increase your Annual Rate by up to +1%. All the available reward options include 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, and 1%.

Note: Interest is not accrued on the token. It’s used for providing bonus rates only.

How many CLTs do I need to increase my Annual Rate?

The amount of CLT you need to stake for each reward option is the following:

  • 0.25% reward – 2.5% of the initial deposit

  • 0.5% reward – 5% of the initial deposit

  • 0.75% reward – 7.5% of the initial deposit

  • 1% reward – 10% of the initial deposit


Your initial deposit is 20 BTC, which is $566,400 (BTC at the moment of writing is $28,320). To get a 1% reward, you need to stake 10% of your deposit ($56,640). The current CLT price is $8.78, meaning you need to stake 6,451 CLT.

Important notes

  • Quotes always change, so all the values are indicative.

  • To avoid quote fluctuations, you can buy more CLT.

  • The amount of CLT to stake is calculated once at the time of Fixed Account creation, depending on the token price, and is not recalculated later.

Can I unstake my CLT?

No. When creating a Fixed Account with the CLT Staking option, you agree that your initial deposit and CLT amount are locked up, and you can’t withdraw them until the end of the holding period.

How do I turn the CLT Staking option on?

Note: Staking rewards are also available for Fixed Accounts with an enabled Monthly Interest option.

⠀⠀1. First, enter the amount and choose the Annual Rate & Period in the Create Account form, then tap the Continue button.

Create Account – Web platform

⠀⠀2. You will see the CLT Staking option in the new window. Enable it and choose the desired bonus option: 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, or 1%.

CLT Staking options – Web platform

⠀⠀3. Press Continue and confirm the action. All done!

Confirmation window – Web platform

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