Difference between Fixed and Flexible Accounts

With a Fixed account, you lock your assets for a certain period. You can’t withdraw them until the period ends, even with a penalty. The rates for a Fixed Account are higher than for the Flexible one.

With a Flexible account, you can deposit and withdraw assets anytime and add them to an existing account. The rates for Flexible Accounts are lower, but you can manage them at your discretion.

Benefits of each account type

Fixed Account

  • Getting fixed interest, even if the market is unstable

  • Creating up to 50 accounts per asset

  • Higher rates than the Flexible account offers

Flexible Account

  • More freedom in managing your assets

  • Bonus rewards for staking CoinLoan Token (CLT)

  • Daily accruals and monthly compound

  • Minimum deposit period is one day, maximum deposit period is unlimited

Which account type to choose

Let’s have a look at the example below to understand the two options better.

For instance, you have 100,000 USDC and want to earn interest. The best solution depends on how long you can hold the assets on the platform.

Longer time without withdrawing

The best choice is a Fixed deposit and a period of one year:

The rate for holding USDC for a year is 8.2%. In one year, you will get 108,200 USDC.

Shorter time with withdrawing

You should choose a Flexible deposit. The standard rate for USDC is 5.2%, and the interest amount depends on your holding period.

In our example, your interest will be 427.3 USDC for the first month and 429.2 USDC for the second month.

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