After completing the KYC Verification process, you will see your KYC status change automatically.

Once the data you submitted is checked, you will receive an email about your verification status. If your request was approved, you can now use all our products: Fixed and Flexible Accounts, Loans, and Crypto Exchange.

Successful Verification email

You can also get an email saying your verification request has been rejected. We always provide the reason why that happened and encourage you to try one more time.

Verification Rejected email

If you missed our email, you can also check the KYC status on your devices.

Where to check my KYC status

Web platform

Log in to your CoinLoan account. If the My Account module has a green tick, you are verified.

Verified account — Web platform

If it doesn’t, you are not verified.

Unverified account — Web platform

Mobile app

Open the mobile app on your device and go to the Settings module at the bottom. You will see your KYC status in the Account section: Verified or Unverified.

Verified status — Mobile app

Unverified status — Mobile app

What to do if my account is unverified

If you are unverified, check your mailbox and find a Verification Rejected email from CoinLoan. Here you will find the reason why your request has been rejected. Please follow the suggestions described in the email to verify your account.

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