CoinLoan is a convenient and secure crypto tool for those who want to manage their crypto in one place. We offer Interest Account, Instant Loans, and Crypto Exchange.

Earn interest with Interest Account

How it works

You park your assets on our platform and get interest credited to your balance on the first day of each month. It’s similar to bank deposits, except we have much higher interest rates and offer digital assets to earn interest on.

Our Interest Account benefits

  • We never freeze your funds: withdraw any time you want.

  • Flexible and convenient deposit term: the minimum is one day, and the maximum is unlimited.

  • Minimum entry requirements: set up an account on our platform, get verified in less than five minutes, and you are good to go.

  • 25+ various assets to choose from: we offer a variety of crypto and stablecoins.

  • High interest rates: we offer up to 10.3% but you can make it up to 12.3% with CLT Staking.

  • Daily accruals: after depositing assets to Interest Account, you see your interest grow every day.

Borrow funds with Instant Loans

How it works

You choose the desired loan currency (fiat, crypto, or stablecoin), provide collateral, and get a loan that will be approved automatically in less than a minute.

Our Instant Loans benefits

  • The only requirement to get a loan is collateral: no paperwork or credit history checks are needed.

  • No lock-ins, fines, or hidden fees: you only pay an origination fee when getting a loan, and we have no penalties for early repayment.

  • Loan approval is automatic: you don’t have to wait for a long manual approval.

  • Attractive rates: our interest rates start at 4.5%.

  • We offer up to 70% LTV while the market standard is 50%.

  • You can get a loan for up to three years.

Swap assets with Crypto Exchange

How it works

You can buy crypto or stablecoins for fiat, sell your crypto assets, or swap currencies at beneficial rates. See our Crypto Exchange guide for more info.

Our Instant Crypto Exchange benefits

  • 25+ assets and 200+ currency pairs available for exchanging

  • Instant and 24/7 transaction execution

  • No extra fees charged

  • Beneficial rates: see the article about how we determine our exchange rates

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