There might be several possible reasons for your wire transfer rejection:

  • Your transfer details were incorrect, or you did not indicate them at all. In most cases, it concerns the Reference phrase (CIRXXXXXX CoinLoan OU). Ensure you indicated it and put it in the corresponding field. If you don’t know which field is for the Reference phrase, please consult your bank. Double-check the information you provide to CoinLoan when adding your bank account and depositing funds.

  • Your bank used the services of an intermediary bank. If an intermediate bank is involved in the process, there’s always confusion about where the funds come from. In this case, the wire transfer is rejected.

If your wire transfer is rejected, the USD amount you want to transfer into your CoinLoan Wallet comes back to your bank account. Be aware that your bank can charge a wire transfer fee which will be deducted from your transfer amount. Please get in touch with your bank beforehand to learn about its fees.

Please contact our support team at to find out why your transfer did not get through and how to succeed next time.

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