What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?

The minimum amount for withdrawal depends on an asset. The list of currencies and their minimum withdrawal amounts is available here.

The maximal withdrawal sum is $500k for each currency.

How is it calculated?

The withdrawal amount is converted into USD at the exchange rate at the time of the withdrawal request creation. It is cumulative with other client requests for the last 24 hours.

May I increase the withdrawal limit to more than $500k?

Yes, you may. To do that, please contact our support team at support@coinloan.io. We will increase the withdrawal limit specifically for your loan.

For the subsequent increase, you should send a new request.

Important Notes

  • A withdrawal limit is NOT 100% raised, as our security team can either deny or accept the daily withdrawal limit raise.

  • Considering your request about increasing the withdrawal limit takes up to 72 hours. Please remember that and contact us in advance if you want to withdraw more than $500k at once.

May I decrease the withdrawal limit for security reasons?

Yes, you may. For instance, you can get the $10k limit for your Wallet or manual confirmations for bigger withdrawals as an additional measure. To do so, please contact our support team at support@coinloan.io.

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