To deposit via wire transfer, go to My Wallet > USD > Deposit in the web app or follow this link.

To make a successful transaction, please make sure to follow the steps:

  • Use CoinLoan deposit details strictly as the platform provides them.

  • Provide correct bank account details. In case of errors, your transfer will not go through.

  • You must include the tracking reference value in the reference field. Failure to indicate the tracking reference makes it impossible to reconcile the payment, and the transfer will not go through.

  • Please only use your bank account, don't deposit funds from a third-party bank account. If you wish to make a deposit from a corporate bank account, please, upgrade your account to a corporate by contacting

Unsupported Bank Accounts

We currently cannot support wire payments originating from bank accounts that require For Further Credit (FFC) instructions. Examples of these bank accounts are brokerage and investment accounts, accounts that leverage third-party payment processors, accounts with money transfer services, and challenger banks without their own banking license.

The maximum deposit transfer amount is currently limited to $1 million (subject to change). We do not charge a fee for wire transfers, though some banks do. We recommend checking with your bank regarding any transfer fees.

Your wire transfer will be converted to USDC stablecoins at a 1-to-1 ratio and credited to your CoinLoan wallet.

Wires sent from the US generally take one-three business days to be reflected in your account. Wires sent from other countries typically take longer to process.

Here's a quick guide on how to find your routing number. Please ensure you are entering a routing number for a wire transfer for US bank accounts, not for ACH (automated clearing house payment systems). You can check if you're using the correct routing number for wire here.

We support USD wire transfers from bank accounts domiciled in certain countries. Please check the following list. The following conditions don't apply to GBP/EUR SWIFT transfers.

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