We give our users an opportunity to increase their rates by staking CLT.

What is CLT

CLT or CoinLoan token is our native utility asset applied on the CoinLoan platform. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Read more about CLT here.

What is staking

Staking is the process of locking cryptoassets to receive rewards. On our platform, we ask CoinLoaners to keep CLT, helping to enhance the coin’s value, and offer up to 2% to all interest rates as a bonus.

How CLT Staking works

The staking mechanism calculation is fixed. Interest rates in the Interest Account increase by 0.1% with every 125 CLT you hold:

  • 125 CLT raises your Interest Account rates by 0.1%

  • 375 CLT — by 0.3%

  • 1,000 CLT— by 0.8%

  • 1,250 CLT — by 1%

  • 2,500 CLT — by 2%

The maximum bonus is 2%. Having more than 2,500 CLT won’t affect your interest rates anymore.

There is no minimal staking time needed to get bonus rates. Within a day after the deposit, they are accrued to your balance and credited on the first day of the next month.

How to unstake CLT

  1. Go to Interest Account.

  2. Click the Withdraw button in CLT Staking.

CLT Staking – Web platform

⠀⠀3. In a new window, enter the withdrawal amount and press Continue.

Staking account withdrawal– Web platform

⠀⠀4. All done! You will see Withdrawal Confirmation.

Withdrawal confirmation – Web platform

Note: If you withdraw the whole amount of your CoinLoan tokens, all your staking rewards will be lost. If you withdraw only part of your CLT amount, the staking reward will lower correspondingly, and so are the interest rates of the assets you hold.


You hold EUR at maximized rate of 12.3%. After withdrawing all CoinLoan tokens from your Interest Account you will receive 10.3%.

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