CoinLoan makes interest payments in the original currency of your deposit. If you deposit LTC, you get paid in LTC. The same goes for every currency available to earn interest on.

What currency do you use to pay interest if I stake CLT?

We use the deposit currency.

How staking works

You hold a certain amount of CLT on your Flexible Account and get extra interest. For instance, the maximum reward you can get is 1% (if you stake 2,500 CLT). This 1% is added to the interest rate you already have and is paid in the original currency of your deposit, not CLT.

Note: Remember that the CLT staking reward depends on how many CLTs you stake. Check our article for more details.

May I earn interest in CLT?

No. CLT is used to get a staking bonus.

May I earn interest in a different currency?

No. You receive your interest in the deposit currency. If you want to earn on a different asset, deposit it to Flexible Account.

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