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How to calculate my interest on Flexible Account
How to calculate my interest on Flexible Account

The calculation depends on your holding time. Get acquainted with the formulas we use in the article below.

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How much interest will I get?

The rate you see on the platform is the Annual Rate. You obtain your Annual Rate in full if you hold an asset on your Flexible account and don’t make any withdrawals within a calendar year.

Annual Interest – Web platform

How the calculation works

⠀⠀1. We execute all the Scheduled withdrawals at the fixed time of 14:00 UTC.

⠀⠀2. At the same fixing time, we calculate Daily Accrual using the following formula:

Daily Accrual = Fixing Balance * Annual Rate / 365


Fixing Balance is the balance on your Flexible Account taken after completing the Scheduled withdrawals. The balance should be the minimum amount to receive interest.

Note: The Daily Accrual transaction stays at the Scheduled status until the event of the monthly compound.

Flexible Account Transactions – Web platform

Monthly compound

We sum up all the scheduled Daily Accruals and credit aggregated interest to your Flexible Account balance (even if you have withdrawn all the funds). Then we calculate further daily accruals based on the new balance of your Flexible Account. This combination of monthly earnings gives a compound effect.

Note: The payout time is 15:00 UTC on the first day of the month.

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