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Does CoinLoan have an API with rates information?
Does CoinLoan have an API with rates information?

Find a public API endpoint address and more details in the article.

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We have an API endpoint for Flexible Account and Loans actual rates. No authentication is required. To get access to the API, please go here.

The server will return a JSON encoded response with the following parameters for each asset:

  • asset – asset symbol;

  • interest_rate – annual interest rate for loans (type=borrow); max. annual percentage yield (type=earn);

  • standard_interest_rate – standard annual percentage yield (type=earn).

  • typeearn / borrow (earn – Flexible Account, borrow – Loans);

  • min_amount – minimum loan amount or minimum deposit amount for Flexible Account.

  • plans – LTV is a key, and value is the annual interest rate for a loan.

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