The CoinLoan Interest Account works similarly to a bank savings account. The only difference is that you can earn interest on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, while banks don’t work with digital assets.

You transfer your crypto or stablecoins to your CoinLoan Wallet and deposit them to your Interest Account. When you deposit money, we pay you interest on the first day of the next month. We calculate accruals daily and credit interest to your balance monthly. The minimum deposit term is one day, and the maximum is unlimited – up to your own discretion.

How is my money protected?

Suppose the borrower fails to repay or the collateral loses a part of the value due to crypto-volatility. In that case, collateral will be sold instantly to fulfill the lending commitments.

If you're wondering how the CoinLoan security system works, here you can find our ten main principles of safety.

What do I get in return?

  • You are guaranteed to earn up to 10% annual interest on your asset. Whether we successfully invest your money or not, interest is accrued to your account every day. The interest rate is subject to change. Please check the IA page for the current rates.

  • To boost your APY, you need to deposit CLT to the Staking Account on the Interest Account tab. There is no minimal staking time required to get bonus rates. Within a day after deposit, all interest rates in the Interest Account will increase by 0,1% with every 125 CLT you hold. The maximum bonus is 2%. Follow this link to learn how to earn more interest with staking.

  • We charge zero fees for using Interest Account and deposits in EUR and stablecoins. Check our prices here.

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