It may come as no surprise that the interest account is an excellent place to earn more money with your money. While it seems like a good deal, you might still be wondering: how does these interest works? Fair question. If you are confused by the concept of the CoinLoan interest account, this post will help to get this straight.

What happens to my Interest Account deposits?

When you deposit money to the interest account, we technically borrow your funds and paying you interest in return. Once the funds are deposited into the account, they start to generate profit.

In a similar way to a bank deposit, a part of your money is used to create Loan Offers on the CoinLoan platform. Interest is accrued daily and deposited directly into your wallet on the first day of the month.

How is my money protected?

Every loan on the platform is under the overcollateralization. If the borrower fails to repay or the collateral loses a part of the value due to crypto-volatility, collateral will be sold instantly to fulfill the commitments of the borrower.

If you're wondering how the CoinLoan security system works, here you can find our ten main principles of safety.

What do I get in return?

  • You are guaranteed to earn 8%* interest on your asset. Whether we successfully invest your money or not, you watch interest accrued to your account every day. Interest rate is subject to change, please check the IA page for the actual rates.
  • Money works for you 24/7, even while you sleep — no need for you to create loan offers or accept loan requests.
  • No fees. We charge zero fees for using Interest Account, deposits, and withdrawals in EUR and stablecoins. Check our prices here.
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