Interest Account is a product that offers best of the worlds of crypto and traditional banking. It works as a bank deposit and enables users to earn up to 12.3% annual interest just for depositing supported assets.

Interest Account is available to anyone. No matter where you live*, no matter what is your role on the platform. Both lenders and borrowers can use our Interest Account, as well as every person or company that registers an account and verify their identity, following the KYC/AML requirements. 

Interest accrues from using deposited funds on the CoinLoan Lending Platform. We bring deposits all together and use that aggregated amount of to offer loans. Thus, you have no hassle with choosing terms, placing an offer, and waiting until it is approved.

Either way, interest is guaranteed. That's why users shouldn't care about what we're doing with deposited money. Whether we successfully invest your money or not, you watch your interests accrued to your account every day. Currently, the fixed interest rate is in a range from 3% to 8.3% for base rates and 5% to 12.3% for rates with bonus for staking. Please be aware that the number can be changed; check your account to obtain current information.

How Does Interest Account Works?

In the left-sidebar on the CoinLoan platform, there is a new Interest Account tab, see Figure #1 below. Here, you can deposit and withdraw your funds in one click. Minimal deposit balance is ~ $100, maximal is unlimited.

Figure #1. CoinLoan Interest Account tab.

Please note, that all the operations at the Interest Account are executed daily at 14:00 UTC. It means that your request for withdrawal will be in a pending status until processed in due time. You can have only one pending deposit/withdrawal request in the same currency. However, you can always cancel the pending request to create a new one.

All the pending and complete deposits are available in the Transactions section of the Interest Account tab, as shown in Figure #2.

Figure #2. Transactions section of Interest Account.

Interest is accrued daily at 14:00 UTC. Compounded interest will be credited to your account on the first day of the month at 14:00 UTC.

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