• Accept an existing Loan Request on the Lending Market
  • Create your Loan Offer on suitable terms. 

Additionally, it is necessary to have funds on your CoinLoan account to issue loans. Otherwise, you need to deposit the required amount using the My Wallet tab. To read more about how to deposit on the platform, please follow this link. 

How to Accept a Loan Request? 

Accepting a Loan Request, you agree to issue a loan on the terms, set up by the borrower. To do this, go to the Lending Market tab and open the Loan Requests section. Here, you can see the list of all the requests, currently existing on the market.

To see the terms of a particular request, please press the View Details button next to the chosen proposal. Here, you can see the loan details and accept the request clicking on the Accept and Lend button. Please make sure to read the Loan Agreement before accepting the request. 

How to Create a Loan Offer?

Creating a Loan Offer, you can customize the details of the loan. To do that, go to the Lending Market and press the Lend button, situated over the list of loan offers. 

Now you can fill out the form, setting up the terms that suit you best. In particular, you can select the following details: 

  • Lending Reserve (the total amount of all loans to be issued within the offer);
  • Loan Limit (the minimum and maximum loan amount a borrower can take per one loan);
  • Loan Term (7 days - 3 years);
  • Interest Rate;
  • Allowed Cryptocollateral (choose either all of the available currencies or select just a few ones).

You can read a more detailed guide on creating a Loan Offer here

Lending Tip #1. Before choosing the Interest Rate and Loan Term for your offer, we encourage you to visit the Recent Loans tab, located right after the Loan Offers and Loan Requests tabs. 

Here, you can see the terms and conditions of the last 50 loans issued on the platform. Understanding the general tendency of the market will help you set up offers that match the market conditions. 

Lending Tip #2. Choosing between the Principal+Interest and Interest-Only options it pays to understand how they are different. You can find more info about repayment methods here

 While the Interest-Only payment option allows the lender to earn more at once, the Principal+Interest Payment method provides more flexibility in managing your assets and the opportunity to earn more thanks to reinvesting. 

Thus, choosing the Interest-Only option, you receive a higher profit from interest. However, you get the principal back only with the last payment at the end of the loan term. With the Principal+Interest option, you got your principal paid along with interest every month throughout the whole loan term. It allows using the principal you receive to issue a new loan in parallel with the first one. 



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