There’re plenty of reasons. Let us name a few:

  • We provide worldwide coverage.
  • We operate totally within a legal framework. We’ve got European Financial Licenses: FVR000111, FRK000091, FFA000241.
  • For each loan, we generate a Loan Agreement that may be brought to your bank or the tax office.
  • On CoinLoan, you can get several different loans simultaneously. It helps to diversify your risks, since with a single credit line, you’re likely to lose all your crypto assets at once in case a single currency suddenly decreases in value.
  • CoinLoan provides a wide variety of stablecoins, fiat, and cryptocurrencies, including some unique ones. For instance, as far as we know, none of our competitors included Monero (XMR) to their currency lists. On our platform, you can use Monero as cryptocollateral or as a loan currency.
  • Another pretty unique option is crypto-to-crypto loans. So far, none of our competitors let you borrow BTC against BTC. On CoinLoan, nothing is impossible.
  • CoinLoan ensures the integral safety of its users and their assets. To find out more about CoinLoan security system, please read this article by Max Sapelov, CoinLoan Co-founder and CTO.
  • On CoinLoan, you enjoy easy and fast fiat depositing. Choose from Visa/MasterCard, SEPA, SWIFT, and other payment methods.
  • We have no fixed interest rates as they are completely market-determined. In our practice there have been loans borrowed under 5% only and other loans lent under 22%.
  • Our liquidation algorithm allows us to provide one of the highest LTV limits on the market — 70%. This limit will rise to 80% in the nearest future. Liquidation point comes only when your LTV value crosses the line of 90%.
  • Early repayment (prepayment) is possible at any time without penalties.
  • You can choose a Repayment Option for your loan: Interest-Only or Principal + Interest.
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