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Here are all the fees CoinLoan charges. Navigate to your product of choice section to get more details.

Loans fees

Origination Fee

To choose the borrowing fee option, you must select the Origination Fee type in the Loan application form.

Origination Fee options — Web platform

The CoinLoan platform provides two options for paying borrowing fees:

  • Loan currency

  • CoinLoan Token (CLT)

Loan currency

Borrowing fees are calculated as 1% of the overall loan principal amount.

CoinLoan Token (CLT)

By paying in CLT, you get a 50% discount. The discount is deducted from the loan currency fee amount (the calculation is based on the CLT market value).

Discount calculation

The borrowing fee is estimated in your loan’s currency (1% of the overall loan principal amount). This amount is reduced by half, and the resulting amount is converted into CLT at its current market value.

Note: If CLT has been selected as an origination fee for a loan and your CLT wallet balance is not enough to pay the fee, the platform will automatically deduct the equivalent amount in loan currency from the loan principal.

Liquidation fee

The liquidation fee is equal to 7% of the liquidated loan collateral. Learn more about liquidation in our articles about the liquidation process and liquidation time.

Deposit fees

Deposits to CoinLoan are free.

Withdrawal fees

We take over withdrawal fees via all blockchains except for the Ethereum one. Every user is entitled to one free withdrawal of ETH or one type of ERC-20 token, including CLT, via the Ethereum blockchain per month. Every subsequent withdrawal entails a fee in the withdrawal currency depending on the asset — check the table below for details. Other crypto and fiat currencies are not affected — withdrawals are free.

Note: You can withdraw certain ERC-20 tokens via the BSC network, as they can be transferred via both Ethereum and BSC. In this case, these withdrawals are free of charge. Please refer to our article about assets available for transferring via BSC.

Withdrawal fees

Note: We apply a withdrawal limit of $5,000 per 24-hour rolling period.

Fixed and Flexible Account fees

You don’t pay any fees for using of our Fixed and Flexible Accounts. Fixed/Flexible Account transactions are our internal ones, which is why they are free of charge. We don’t charge any fees for early withdrawals either.

Exchange fees

You don’t pay any fees for using our Exchange. If you want to get more details on how our exchange rates work, please refer to our article.

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